The benefits of having straight teeth extend far more than just having an attractive and beautiful smile. Besides building confidence, straight teeth improves overall health.

Correctly aligned teeth are easier to clean and are less likely to have food stuck between teeth. Crowed teeth often time make it a challenge to fully clean since they conceal more of the tooth’s surface. Your toothbrush will have a harder time reaching and cleaning certain spots on your teeth that normally would not be difficult. Teeth with wider gaps often time trap food in between them making it a breeding ground for bacteria. In any case, having teeth that are not aligned properly increases the risk of having gum disease and cavities.

Furthermore having straight teeth does improve bite and can relieve jaw problems. A correctly aligned bite can improve overall digestion. Teeth are the first step in the digestive process. When teeth are properly aligned less energy is required to fully chew food so that the rest of the digestive system can effectively absorb more nutrients.

In addition, properly aligned teeth can protect your teeth from wearing out, cracking or chipping. Having straighter teeth can even result in clearer speech. A beautiful smile does more than just improve how you feel about yourself; it can also improve your overall health.

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