Cosmetic Dentistry

At Jason Sands, we love creating beautiful smiles. We use the latest techniques and technology available to renew both appearance and function of your teeth. White fillings, all porcelain crowns, dental implants, and porcelain veneers are just a few of a number of solutions we provide to achieve your smile makeover goals. Dr. Jason Sands will help you choose the right procedure to enhance your smile and boost your self-confidence and  ensure long-term oral health.

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

In order to have a healthy beautiful smile it may be necessary to use dental veneers or crowns. Through the use of porcelain veneers and crowns we can eliminate the appearance of stains, chips, cracks, gaps, and other issues providing you with a beautiful natural-looking smile that will be long-lasting. A veneer is a quick and cost effective means of making your front teeth uniform in size, shape, and spacing. A dental crown covers your tooth completely, giving greater protection, while providing teeth with a uniform size, shape, and color. Dr. Sands will evaluate your condition to help you choose the right procedure to enhance your smile and meet your goals.


Invisalign® is the best option to give you a beautiful smile and unlike braces, they are comfortable, convenient, and non-intrusive in your daily life.
Why Invisalign®?
• They are almost invisible
• Smooth and comfortable to wear
• Removable for easy cleaning
• No food restrictions like braces
There are other options to straighten your teeth, but none as advanced as Invisalign®.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening treatments are one of the fastest ways to bring out a beautiful smile. With a one hour advanced in office whitening procedure you will see significant reduction of discoloration and stains. The treatment will also dramatically lighten the shade of your  teeth revealing a sparkling white smile. Some patients may experience mild sensitivity after the treatment; however, that sensation will fade over time. You will also be provided with custom-fitted trays to use at home to maintain your beautiful new smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a treatment option that allows us to replace missing teeth. Dental implants placed by a specialist are designed to mimic the original tooth root. They are then crowned by Dr. Sands with a permanent porcelain restoration customized to blend perfectly with your surrounding teeth. A dental implant is designed to create the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth. The result is a permanent restoration that looks and functions like a normal tooth, enhances the look of your smile, and also improves the function of your bite creating a beautiful and healthy smile.

Dr. Sands is a perfectionist, which when it comes to a dentist is exactly how you want them to be. One appointment, and you'll be hooked! - Reilly B.

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